Are the Touch Panels and HC Pro controller certified under AU electrical standards?

Yes, they have been certified and come with the RCM mark.

Do the Touch Panels have a standard AU switch cutout size?

Yes! The cutout size matches the standard AU switch cutout template and therefore can also be retrofit into existing walls.

Is there is a dimmer option in Touch Panels?

Yes! There is a One Touch Dimmer option.

What is the warranty period on these products?

Generally, there is a 24 month limited warranty on all products from the date of invoice.

Do I need an Electrician to install the Touch Panels?

Yes! All Touch Panels have to be installed by a registered electrician only.

Do the Touch Panels need a neutral wire?

Yes! All Hogar Control touch panels need a neutral wire along with live.

Can the Touch Panels be customized?

Please contact us to discuss further as it will involve a minimum order quantity.

Are Hogar products compatible with other Zwave products?

Yes! All Hogar products are compatible with other Zwave certified products.

How safe are the Touch Panels?

The front faceplate works with just 5V DC power which cannot cause a shock. Also, every touch panel has a built in fuse in-line every relay.

How long does it take to install a single Touch Panel?

If it is being retrofit, it should not take more than 5 mins to install a touch panel.

Can I control Hogar products with other control systems?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

One Touch Switch Panel

Two Touch Switch Panel

Three Touch Switch Panel

Four Touch Switch Panel


HC Pro Controller

HC Mini Controller

Touch Switch Panel

HC Pro Controller

One Touch Dimmer